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Header_bedfordgalleryWhen Carrie Lederer discovered my work at the San Francisco art markets ArtPadSF and ArtMrkt San Francisco last May she was really keen to add it to her forthcoming show ‘Home’ she was curating for the Bedford Gallery.

I was asked to contribute a new piece for this show so I made their actual home- the ‘Dean Lesher Center for the Arts’ where the gallery is located.

It was a tricky one as this building is strongly identified by its curved design, prominently situated on the corner of a busy crossroads in Walnut Creek, California ( just outside San Francisco city). Despite books being squared off and presenting flat surfaces, I managed to mimic the structure of this building through building out the books with different widths and setting a slight curve to the image which is usually front elevation drawing. The result was not only having the image on the fore edge of the book but seeing the physicality of the book working with the image to complete the work. It’s now something I am really excited about in trying again.  Having my work present fresh challenges opens up possibilities in creating other adventurous buildings. Its thanks to Carrie Lederer and Ken Harman from Spoke Art for this.

I know I have said this before but If you happen to be in the area- please go and take a look! And perhaps you can tell me about it as I would have loved to have seen how it all looked. Its a strange thing to have a show and not see how it all looked!

Exhibiting artists include: Julie Alvarado / Tyler Bewley / Elizabeth Cayne / Hannah Chalew / Kathryn Dunlevie / Megan Gorham / Deborah Hamon / Todd Hido / Claire Jackel /Eirik Johnson / Lori Larusso/ Derek Lynch / Lee Materazzi / Robert Minervini / Dean Monogenis / Lori Nix / Jeannie O’Connnor / Sasha Petrenko / Ari Salomon / Carrie Schneider / Tracey Snelling / Lisa Solomon / Daniel Speight / Michael Stevens / Gina Tuzzi / Hagar Vardimon-van Heummen / Henry Wessel / Katherine Westerhout / Stephen Whisler

Exhibition is on until 17th November 2013.

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