Mar, 13

GDUK shows it soft side


A shout out to GDUKstyle.com for its relentless coverage and support of The SoftCity this month! GDUKstyle.com consists of Artisan, Icon, Interior and Exterior feature sections which are updated every month.

This month I am featured in the Artisan section- Which is reserved for up and coming artist and designers. You can view the Element interiors feature on http://www.gdukstyle.com/#/artisan/4573825086 here.

GDUKstyle is just one of the three websites that comprise The Grandiloquent UK Group founded by creative practitioner Chris Billinghurst.Relaunching very soon, GDUKstudio is set to become an emporium for interior design and craftworkshops in the UK.

In late 2013GDUK designer will be launched, an online directory of interior designers. This should be a great resource for anyone looking to redesign their home or a commercial space, as well as for interior product retailers like us.

Do Follow Chirs on Twitter @GDUKStudio for all recent developments and check out her site GDUKstyle.com for home styles and reviews.

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